Frequently Asked Question

Answers to some of the questions most frequently asked

How much space will I get?

You will receive 8ft frontage, or more depending on your booking. This gives enough space for a trestle table and limited access at either end. If you want more tables you may have to book extra space, Your access to your stall is within the space you booked. You may set up shelves, clothes rails etc, as long as they fit in the space you have booked.

If I ask for demonstration space, will I get it?

Not necessarily. Some venues do not have space for demonstrations but we are happy to provide it, free of charge, wherever possible. It can never be guaranteed though. Please check with the office just before the event to confirm whether we are able to give you this space.

Will I be the only person at the fair doing my craft?

Again, not necessarily. Oakleigh Fairs limit the number of each type of craft at each fair. With popularcrafts, where there are always more applicants than space, we endeavour to select stalls that reflect a variety of different aspects of that craft. Oakleigh Fairs do try to avoid having too many stalls that clash but there will, necessarily, be a degree of overlap otherwise no fairs could ever be filled.

When will I know which bookings have been accepted?

Normally within a fortnight of receiving your booking form we will write to you confirming which events we have been able to accept you for. We will return any payment for unaccepted fairs to you at that time. You will then receive an individual confirmation in the week preceding the fair giving you full details of that event.

What happens if I need to cancel a fair?

Cancellations will be accepted up to ONE calendar month before the date of the fair but you will forfeit your £50 deposit for each fair cancelled. Any booking cancelled at less than ONE month’s notice before the fair, for whatever reason, will forfeit the total stall fee. Cancellations may be advised by phone but must be confirmed in writing. If you are not going to attend a booking that you have made you must let us know as soon as possible. Failure to do so or persistent cancellations may result in our cancelling all future bookings. Cancellation fees that are to be charged to credit cards will be debited in full at the time of cancellation. Once you have notified us of a cancellation in writing we will confirm the cancellation back to you in writing. If you do not receive an acknowledgement of cancellation from us you should telephone us to check that we have received your written cancellation

What can I sell and can I sell more than one craft on my stall?

Only the crafts that you have listed on your booking form. We do have a preference for hand-made crafts but will consider other well designed items if they seem appropriate. We are prepared to accept bookings for more than one craft, however, the more crafts you sell the less likely it is that we can accept you. All crafts must be stated on the booking form.

Will electricity be available?

Yes, at no extra payment. An electricity point will be provided within ten feet of your stall but you should provide adequate extension cable to reach your table and your own lamps etc. The maximum load that any stall is allowed to draw for lighting is 200watts. If your lighting exceeds this then you may be instructed to turn some off. If you require more power for machinery you should advise us at the time of booking. Multi-way adaptors must not be used at any venue.

When should I arrive and when should I leave?

You will be sent joining instructions by email around one week before the event.

May i bring my dog to a show?

Well behaved dogs on a lead and under control at all times are welcome to attend many of our shows, with visitors. However please do not take them into any marquee with food traders. Please note some venues do not allow dogs on site. Please see individual events’ pages for details.